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Fahd El Mazouni13:07:10

any clojurists in Canada ?

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im canadian, but not in canada


:raised_hand: in Calgary

Fahd El Mazouni14:07:51

how hard is it to get recruited as a clojure developer in Canada for a foreigner ? (I'm considering moving there indefinitely after I finish school)


@fahd.elmazouni not sure, I've only done remote clojure work for us companies. The only canadian clojure company I know (sure there are others) is kira systems. In general, I've heard immigration for tech folks is pretty easy though.

Fahd El Mazouni15:07:22

I don't mind Python and C either 😛 so maybe I'll widen my search criteria


kira does remote tho, so definitely talk to them

Fahd El Mazouni15:07:38

I'll check them out

Fahd El Mazouni15:07:56

it looks awesome !

Fahd El Mazouni15:07:12

can't wait to apply