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Hi there, I do :)

Marcus Pemer14:07:08

Cool. So do I. May I ask - were you an Emacs user before starting programming clojure? I have been using it since 1993 so it was a natural choice for me, but when I attempted to sway my colleague to move to emacs (unify our tool set etc) he felt the learning curve was prohibitive and he settled with intellij/cursive.

Chris O’Donnell15:07:47

I use spacemacs, personally. I think the tools you use are very personal. Different people have different styles and will naturally gravitate to different tools.


@marcus165, yeah I did actually start using emacs specifically for Clojure as there was no many reliable options to choose from back in 2013, Cursive didn’t even exist. Right now, after moving back and forth from traditional emacs to Spacemacs, I eventually settled down with Spacemacs due to well-executed evil-mode, simple package management and so on. I don’t think Spacemacs have a very steep learning curve, especially if one Specializes in Clojure, perhaps I might write up some short guide for this very reason. Spacemacs/Emacs is infinitely large, but I use a tiny portion of it while writing Clojure.