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Hey Berlin! I am soon up to new adventures. If you are someone or know someone who is looking for a Clojure backend dev or technical product guy, please get in touch! On-site employment preferred, but freelancing and/or remote could work, too.


hey - I'm in Berlin this week. If anyone would like to meet up for a clojure drink up this Wednesday 17th Feb near Hackescher Markt?


Hey @malcolmsparks , I work nearby - so I would be up for a couple of pints. What time were you thinking?


Hi @jamesmintram - I think we'll be done by about 6pm. Do you happen to know a good place to meet up nearby?


I’m relatively new to Berlin - but I can ask around at work for some good suggestions. There is quite a lot of stuff in Hackescher Markt.


+1 for craft beer


I have booked a table there (or at least I think so, mein Deustche ist nicht gut)