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The meetup was really nice, last Wednesday, by the way! Basically, it was nice to see the Belgium Clojure community. clojure.spec, well, it has really cool possibilities. Think about it: you can specify args and return values. This means: you can let a computer compose functions randomly. Really cool to do! And adding some 'fitness' function, you can make a 'best composition of functions'. Big fun 🙂. (I've been applying pretty much evolutionary algorithms previous decade.)


But more important, there was a question what could be interesting... well, I have some loose ideas here (they popped up in my mind on the train back home - yeah, I had some hammock time there)


- 'clojure battles' about something, like, two oposite sides try to convince why they use whatever it is. For example, mount vs component libs. Or other stuff. May be fun, if we can make it a kind of an interactive thing with anyone present.


- brainstorming/implement generic solutions sessions about real problems, for example: how to handle real distributed systems (with auto-discovery, channeling, messaging between machines, and consequences on number of JVMs and memory overhead of a JVM, and what with JVM9? etc.) - this may result in libs that are maintained by BeClojure?


- a complete other idea here, and this is more 'commercial': what about a (sponsored) hackathon, or rather 'solvathon', in which a company (startup 🙂 ) lets the community in 1 or 2 days solve problems/implement solutions - the question is to what extend this is feasible and how the company should reward BeClojure for this... 🙂


- oh yes, I promised an experience report end of Q1 2017... if the BeClojure community is interested, I'll do it with much pleasure 😉