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Hey guys! sorry for the delay, I should check this channel more often ­čśů


I will check it with DSquare/Trendminer but there shouldn't be any problem to host an event at our place ­čÖé


For giving a presentation... unfortunately I'm not working that much on Clojure lately, rather I'm working more on Java, Scala and even some Python. ­čś×


What I did is I studied and worked a lot on scalability projects and how to design robust and easy to work architectures. That goes from DDD, to CQRS, Event Sourcing, Docker (Kubernetes, Consul, Swarm), communication layers like Thrift (I love it!), OData, Falcor or how to use integration frameworks like Camel. So in that sense I can explain a lot of things, part of them is what I'm teaching at the university, but is not Clojure specific. The only thing that I did is play with CQRS and EventSourcing with Clojure, but unfortunately not in a real project... could that be interesting?


sure, cqrs/eventsourcing seems a nice topic