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Hugh Powell23:11:32

Morning folks 👋 . Time see if I can get OpenTelemetry (sending out to Honeycomb) integrated into one of our services.

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How'd you go? I spent ages getting OT working with gcp cloud trace (and Jaeger for local dev). Glad I did, but it was frustrating at times!

Hugh Powell23:11:53

It's a bit of a back-burner project. I've wrapped the OTEL API library in (what I hope is) a more Clojure idiomatic wrapper. Currently trying to get it deployed to staging, but yesterday was wrapped up in bug hunting 🎯

Hugh Powell23:11:08

And ... famous last words. Going bug hunting instead 🔫

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Morning all 👋 hunting down a bug that just won't die

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Same symptom, but different causes