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Oliver George01:10:37

Big one here too. I've had fun building up a clojurescript ui - nothing earth shattering but fun work to make it "low code" and put myself out of a job.

Oliver George01:10:03

Who's having a Clojure xmas party?

Oliver George01:10:01

There must be a meme somewhere correlating food preferences with programming languages...


I'm thinking that prawns look like parentheses

Oliver George01:10:09

There must be some kind of "parenthesis on the other side!" parallel.


The emoji aren't doing it for me: 🥐🍎 🥑🍤 Doesn't really look like: (🍎 🥑)


But on a charcuterie board you could make it work?

Oliver George04:10:22

Charcuterie board as decomplected foods works!


@olivergeorge what's the stack? We're using keechma-next with helix, datascript and sente (combined with material ui). I swear, even though I'm full stack, > 2/3rds of my time is UI dev!!

Oliver George04:10:33

We're using re-frame and that's sufficient for our needs. We are trying to use StorybookJS to build out a range of pure react UI components then hooking them up inside our cljs app which gives us immutable data and a nice state management story. We use BlueprintJS, React Select and LeafletJS for fancy controls.

Oliver George04:10:46

The spec for this UI is literally a 100 page doc.

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Oliver George04:10:04

About 80 data fields.

Oliver George04:10:40

Broader picture is populating an XML metadata record as part of publishing research data. Lots of ElasticSearch backed API endpoints for different vocabs. Workflow etc.

Oliver George04:10:09

I'm doing a "low-code" version where the admins can write (essentially) hiccup in EDN files to control the UI. Specify components, wire things up...

Oliver George04:10:21

Once I'm done I might do a show and tell.

Oliver George04:10:41

(Can't help but think someone will say... why didn't you just use X! But that's good to learn too)

Oliver George04:10:17

(Also recently switched to ShadowCLJS which is nice - only bit me once because it doesn't support WASM libs like - Grr)