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Oliver George00:05:11

It'd be fun if there was a #show-and-tell channel. Announce is lovely for libs but I want to see examples systems people are building. (Okay, fine, just created the channel)

Oliver George00:05:05

Anyone care to share a screenshot of something they're working on.

Oliver George00:05:21

In my daughter's prep class the audience is allowed three questions.

Oliver George00:05:23

Here's a contribution but only the landing page (inconvenient outage!)


I like the theme 🙂 Neat and easy on the eyes

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Oliver George01:05:31

It's lovely isn't it but I can't claim the credit. This screenshot is from one of our clients ( and their marketing/design team did the landing page.

Oliver George00:05:11

Getting researchers to publish data by making it a nice experience.


> Anyone care to share a screenshot of something they're working on. I wish I could, but I work largely on backend systems 😅


I can't, because it's working on health care data


Also there's a lot of paranoia about competitors copying us (which they have been)

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Oliver George01:05:07

That's a shame.

Oliver George01:05:18

Competitor concerns are valid!

Oliver George01:05:32

As for backend systems... they can be beautiful too!


I just posted a backend system 🙂


i.e. lots of files open in emacs

Oliver George02:05:26

Thanks for playing!

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Well, I figured I should join in, since this is an Australian section. I haven’t been back home for a number of years now, but it doesn’t mean I don’t want to! I was about to visit last year, but then everything stopped. And flights back home are ridiculous right now

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Welcome! Where are you located now?


I’m in Virginia in the US. A little south of Washington DC

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The winters here are colder than Qld 🙂

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