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Good morning. How are weeks shaping up so far?

Oliver George01:05:06

Days of workshops here. Talking about Seamap Australia ( which is a clojurescript app (reagent/re-frame)

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Oh that’s neat


So cool! I didn't know you worked with marine biologists!

Oliver George00:05:58

We do a bunch of research data management stuff in the marine space at UTAS primarliy and a big focus on marine stuff with IMAS. Here's a slightly dated portfolio related...

Hugh Powell05:05:52

Greenfield Clojure project is going pretty well. Moving house isn't helping though.

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I'm looking to change jobs. Mostly because of the pressure (I wrote and am maintaining a soft real-time Alerting System in charge of monitoring truck loads of goods worth a LOT of money). Also because I want to write Clojure. Anyone know any vacancies here in Aus?


Rokt ( and Audience Republic ( in Sydney / remote sometimes look for SWE. @U24QP2D4J was saying Cubiko in Brisbane has open roles too ( Maybe you can get in touch with (@U051GK36U), who I believe is in Melbourne.


Oh hello, this is us these days ->

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In Melbourne this team is a well established Clojure shop ->


(we're not hiring right this moment, but I can always ask Euan at Verrency and report back)


Wow, thanks, Derek 🙂 I'm sure this is super helpful for @UR37CBF8D


Thanks a lot guys! I'll check them out tomorrow!


Yeah we're about to engage recruiters, so if you get your resume in today/tomorrow you'll be ahead of the pack


@U5989CUUS I've actually applied and was given a dev test by Audience Repubic, in which I apparently did good. Although all they've told me beyond that is that I'm now in the "shortlist" 🤷 Rokt's job description has no mentions of Clojure or even functional programming hmmm @U051GK36U > (we're not hiring right this moment, but I can always ask Euan at Verrency and report back) > Yes please, thanks! And when you do have vacancies at operatr or kpw, please do tell! I'm very much interested in real-time, data processing systems. @U24QP2D4J I've applied to Cubiko, thanks 🙂

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