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Hugh Powell00:02:02

Morning folks 👋


Morning 👋 lots of little stuff today before a major deadline on Monday


Also if I haven't spruked before, I can't recommend it enough


You don't need it often, but when you do it's wonderful for code transformation

Cris B00:02:10

Thanks @lsenjov, Comby looks great. Hadn't come across it.

👍 3
Oliver George02:02:22

Cute. I'll have to keep Comby in mind.

Hugh Powell21:02:31

Happy Friday 👋

Hugh Powell21:02:54

@lsenjov, haven't seen Comby before, looks really interesting.

Cris B21:02:33

Morning all. I have most of today set aside for learning some more Clojure. I could definitely think of worse ways to spend my time.

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Hugh Powell22:02:03

That's a nice end to your week 😄

Cris B22:02:05

It is indeed. And I'm planning to head out for a sail tomorrow. But I'm not going to select all the good bits and make like a Byron Bay lifestyle instagrammer.

Oliver George22:02:57

Morning - talking to customers about agile

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