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Oliver George02:01:18

Hello. Today I'm refactoring some code to isolate all the registrations in one place. 5k lines of code and about 600 defmethods/reg-event/reg-subs.

Oliver George02:01:34

Suddenly my namespaces are all nice simple defns.

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Hugh Powell22:01:21

Mornin'. Making the internet a better place by fixing a bunch of accessibility issues today 👋 .

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Oliver George22:01:44

Morning. Prepping for a release planning meeting with a client. New #cljsrn app will be out inside of a week.

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Good morning. I hate timezones, and am currently breaking highcharts somehow

Hugh Powell00:01:18

Built a calendaring app in the beginning of my career, have tried to keep timezones at arms length whenever possible since then.


The timezones were somehow less frustrating. Highcharts apparently dies when you give it an array of all nils, if it had data before. It tries to animate and goes kaboom

Oliver George23:01:57

Listened to Dominic Monroe on the defn podcast yesterday. I liked what he had to say.