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Clojure San Antonio meetup happened yesterday. It was just me and a C++ developer who has been playing with Overtone for a couple of weeks. Good times had by all 😃


oh you meet on sundays?


Yeah, it looks like that's the best day for the current participants. I originally scheduled for Saturday but the only person who showed interest said Sunday was better for him so I just changed it and it all worked out 😃


you should advertise it here.. some of us who live in south Austin might venture out on a sunday 🙂


I went a few times. I couldn’t find you guys at the library the last time I went


yeah I'm trying to get better at being an organizer, like showing up to the meetup early and letting the front desk know there is a meetup going on so they're not totally confused when people ask about it


could also put your phone number on the meetup, in case someone just can't find you 😉