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I’ll take a look at it. I’m always curious about this things


Can do at least a short intro in march


They just can’t give up the pedestal stuff though. 😞


@norman don't fight it, they won't stop until you just accept pedestal 😆


I’ll give it another try. Who knows - it might even make sense now that they’ve take out the front end side of it.


The stuff from vase looks like what paul gave a talk on a couple years ago - maybe at clojure west


We were very intrigued by the idea, so I’m definitely going to give it a fair evaluation.


But … pedestal… uggh 🙂


yeah when I first tried pedestal a few years ago the most basic of demo apps didn't work and after banging my head for a few hours I found out it was because I was trying to run it on a windows machine. I thought the line about "we don't support windows" was just a CYA in case there were some edge cases that were windows specific but no, the most basic of apps didn't work on windows. So I immediately gave up on it because this was during the beginning of my "use Clojure at work" efforts and I knew that would not fly with anyone at my company


Was that because of the web server technology?


I'm not going to be able to do the Arachne talk in feb


Going to pause my clojure pursuits for now, since its too hard to find a job in clojure and focus on ruby for awhile. But thanks for all your help these past 4 years as I've been learning clojure 🙂 I'll come visit once in awhile 🙂