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Clojure webapp security is one of those things I wish was a default in every lein template for web frameworks


When I used Caribou to build an ecommerce app I just copied their code that they wrote for their admin modules. I felt so bad because I agreed with everything Aaron Bedra said in his talk and then it kind of went out the window as soon as the business users started giving me crazy deadlines. I told them the site would be PCI compliant but it wouldn't be as secure as it could be if I didn't get another week and they were fine with that


@dar @staypufd @clojuregeek or anyone else - got a lightning talk-worthy thing for monday? We never did get a topic


I’ve got a couple leing plugins I can talk about


umm ..maybe.. i've been playing with boot and today protocols


maybe i can extract something from that


ask me on Sunday