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ok i know conferences are alot of work.. and online conferences probably not as much as in-person conferences.. but… this is a little steep ..;utm_medium=social&amp;;utm_campaign=buffer


last time (feb this year) it was $100 for early bird… and $200 for regular


Next year (feb) The first 50 tickets are $349, then they become $425.


It overlaps with Lone Star Elixir … so i may just do that. I do have a budget for conferences/travel but i don’t think i’ll do Clojure Remote next Feb


Yeah. Ryan talked a bit about the price jump in the Crowdcast but didn’t address it directly. He’d trying to change things up a bit and wants to try having more sessions/workshops with interactivity rather than just talks. He mentioned trying to work out compensation with session facilitators that are doing more than simple talks. Sounds like an experiment and maybe some of the justification for price jump.


He also briefly mentioned (in addition to opportunity grants) working with user groups to arrange viewing so that the conference is accessible to more people but there were few details.


yeah maybe i’ll still do it, its good content and when i think of what i make per hour it doesn’t end up being too bad to increase my skills … but i will miss 1 day of it live. but will get videos later


but I hear ya. I’d kinda like to attend the Elixir and Phoenix conference too


probably they will do a couple days of training before too …


so maybe i would miss all the live content if I do both


I feel like my price range for something like that would be $75-$100


but if it helps you learn and get a better job making even 1-5k more…then 350 to get there would be worth it 🙂


Sure, absolutely