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Braden Shepherdson15:10:48

does anyone have advice on integrating gradle-clojure into an Android project? lein-droid and friends seem to be out of date for later Android versions. either way, I'd like to write an Android app using (native) Clojure and I'm looking for pointers to paths that aren't bitrotten. it seems like embracing Gradle's ability to have polyglot projects is the best plan, but I'm indifferent. green-field app, no existing libraries or other things I need to depend on.


Is clojure android still a working alternative? I last heard multiple second startup time.

Braden Shepherdson19:10:23

that's not necessarily a problem in this use case, though it would be unfortunate. I thought the AOT compilation helped there?


I last checked in on this 2 years ago. Not fresh enough to answer.