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Joshua Suskalo05:11:18

Not sure how active it is in here, but I'm curious, I'm having issues with getting lein-droid running. Whenever I include it in my plugins it gives me a ClassNotFoundException with org.sonatype.aether.util.version.GenericVersionScheme. I've tried several things, like adding the maven repo to my deps in both my own project as well as the project.clj in my lein-droid jar in the .m2/repository and moving the required jar into the base directory from which I run lein as well as the directory of the lein-droid jar file. What might I be able to do to get it running?


it's weekend not many people are on. Monday will be better 🙂


try channel cljsrn


i think u asked same question on discord right?


Hey @suskeyhose, lein-droid is kind of unmaintained project. There isn't much action. Actually, there's some work going on to integrate Clojure into android studio.


So that it would be easier to develop clojure apps without writing a single line of Java.

Joshua Suskalo14:11:20

Okay. That sounds really cool. Where would I be able to find information on that?


I'm sorry. I'm the one working in that. Actually there hasn't been some progress and because of my other commitments. When I get positive results I will make the repository instantly active.


Currently, I found some alternate way to do it. So, there might be silence for only sometime.

Joshua Suskalo18:11:01

Okay. Sounds good! I did figure out a solution to my problem for the moment though. When I'm in linux it builds just fine. For whatever reason it just won't build in Windows 10