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I too have gravitated to cljsrn since I could never convince android devs to try clojure but javascript developers who want to build mobile apps are a bit more open minded because either way they were going to have to learn a new language. At least now they can still build web-apps with their new language


well android devs do not try to clojure because they have to leave their comfort space i.e. android-studio to work with clojure. Android-studio doesn't provide good support for clojure as it does to kotlin or scala.


Because of no proper plugin support for clojure in android-studio


cljsrn is amazing but if you plan to make big apps using all the new cool features android provides with every new versioning you have to do that by either going the Java way or wait for the support is available in react-native. This is pretty bad, don't you think? because we already write an amazing advanced language Clojure which is designed so amazingly to do complex tasks simply. So, if the bridge becomes proper from clojure to Android AOT, you can write Clojure for the most native or low level tasks like supporting the devices features and all and can write the ui in already amazing cljsrn.


yeah not having all of the features of the platform available sucks, but I guess that's my blind spot because I don't write large mobile apps that try to take advantage of the latest platform features.