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I'll give it a try tomorrow. I don't have JDK 8 installed on this machine, but I know it's on the other one that I was able to build Android apps on.


@zakwilson i feel like i am not far, but still not found. i suspect the error to be around the annotations.jar by google. not that it is in it but around it as a topic


@zakwilson PARSE ERROR: unsupported class file version 52.0 ...while parsing android/annotation/SuppressLint.class 1 error; aborting


@zakwilson HURRAY!!!! I got it to work. Thank God for the internet. I am using JDK 1.8, build-tools-version 25.0.3 . the problem was indeed the annotations.jar that you can find in /path/to/sdk/tools/support/ I replaced it with the one I found at


@zakwilson and it worked. I deployed my first clojure based android empty app on my device


@zakwilson your opinion on the state of Neko is welcome.