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I'm guessing defactivity is like our version of gen-class, so this isn't something you can create at the repl


I'm still messing with the events app. it shows how to create a fragment and pass data from the fragment to the main activity, so I wanted to show how to pass data between activities


just trying to create that shows the listing atom in a list view


first step, i'm adding a button to the main view to go to the other view and a button on the other view to go back.


oh yeah, you can avoid having to write your ui in xml, but you can't avoid xml completely. I need to update my manifest.xml


yep that was it, manifest updated, now when I try to start the new activity I get a classCastException it doesn't want my ui tree it wants a character sequence =/ I'm sure I've missed something simple


ah it was because I was trying to set the text view with the listing atom which isn't a string anymore, we refactored it to be a sorted-map