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can I see someone's profile.clj to make sure I haven't added something that is messing up my build?


in my android-common key I had build type release which might have been causing me some issues


going to start the tutorial project over again with that gone and see if I can get a build to work now


yep that was it, grrr


tried to deploy to the phone but I already had another version of the app on it so I got another failure, luckily 30 seconds of googling was all it took to find the answer to that one. I just needed to uninstall the old version from the phone


I tried this before but apparently since my phone lets you have multiple users you have to tell it to remove it for all users for it to really uninstall the app, so once I did that I was able to deploy the app to my phone


I had all this set up properly on my work laptop, but I finally got a good personal laptop so I'm having to set everything up again.


now I can finally start hacking on the tutorial app again


tutorial app done, now I can try to port an android tutorial app to clojure-android


That would be really nice!