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Kira Sotnikov07:08:18

alexyakushev: привет )


Hello Kirill, we stick to English in this channel if you don't mind;)


You can PM me in Russian if you want

Kira Sotnikov11:08:54

alexyakushev: it just was a happiness to see russian on the channel simple_smile


@lowl4tency I share your excitement with that :D

Kira Sotnikov11:08:34

alexyakushev: could you share an expirience with android and clojure? Is it usable for production apps? simple_smile


You can see my 4clojure app as an example


Depends how you define "production". If it's an app for millions of users, to be developed by a team of twenty people, and needs an instant loading time - then it's not ready for that yet. But for smaller projects, experiments that might turn up publishable, internal things with lighter performance requirements - it can work just fine.


BTW I gonna release a new version very soon, with Material niceties and stuff


In my experience, Clojure gives a tremendous boost for Android development, especially while you are experimenting and figuring out stuff


the repl is invaluable when you're using some new functionality


or even just straying from the beaten path a little bit


The basic android environment is pretty well documented. But you're almost guaranteed to run into poorly documented functionality.

Kira Sotnikov12:08:13

alexyakushev: thank you for the detail answer, I’m planning to create an app for my own purposes, but I don’t exclude an opportunity that it can be used by several thousands people


@lowl4tency Then you should be fine at least trying out CoA. If you like it you'll want to continue using it, otherwise you can switch back to conventional approach early.

Kira Sotnikov16:08:16

alexyakushev: so, could you share a link or a resource for getting started

Kira Sotnikov16:08:33

You said about an your project


I can thought you came here from there

Kira Sotnikov16:08:49

alexyakushev: nope, I’ve just lurked channels simple_smile