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@tcrawley Has there been a public announcement about the policy change?


I see there's a Twitter account for @clojars but it hasn't tweeted in three years...


@seancorfield Yep! I announced it yesterday morning: I don't use Twitter much - I'll see if I still have the password for the clojars account


RT'd. Will try to get the new versions of clj-new and depstar out this week with the "encouragement" to switch to VGNs.


Thanks Sean!


@tcrawley As I'm updating the clj-new README, it occurred to me that there's a specific category of projects that will fall foul of the new policy: templates for Leiningen, Boot, and the CLI all assume that lein new foobar myapp will pull in foobar/lein-template from a repo and use that. I guess those will need to change to things like com.luminusweb/lein-template in the future, rather than just luminus/lein-template, and then users will have to do lein new com.luminusweb myapp instead. [I know that luminus is an existing group and can continue releasing existing libraries under that group -- it was just the first example that popped into my head]


That's a great point that I hadn't considered, thanks for bringing it up. I should add a FAQ entry for that, and will create an issue to update docs that talk about creating templates.


Since clj-new also covers that, I'll make it clear that template names should be <vgn>/clj-template for CLI templates, and I'll make sure that new template projects created by clj-new follow that pattern.


Having looked at a few more templates in the wild, I realized that <vgn>/clj-template won't work, so I've opened issues in the Leiningen, Boot New, and clj-new repos to discuss with other tool maintainers. I think that allowing template names to be qualified -- and hence VGN-compliant -- doesn't add much complexity to any of the tooling, so you could have com.luminusweb/starter as a template name and we'd look for com.luminusweb/starter.lein-template etc.


Thanks for taking that on. Let me know if I can help. That proposal sounds like it would work to me


It looks like we are having DNS issues with Investigating now


Was about to post a question because I saw 503 😅 Glad you're on top of it.


It looks like it is an issue with DNSimple:

tcrawley19:03:12 is now resolving for me, so we may be back up.


The README for clj-new has been overhauled to mention/encourage the use of verified group names (along with some code changes so the default behavior is compliant with the new policy) -- feedback welcome: (note: I haven't quite figured out what to do about clj-template's yet so those sections are still a WIP). I've also updated the README for depstar: -- and the next version will warn if :group-id does not look like a reverse domain name. I'll also switch the group for both of those libraries to com.github.seancorfield but double-publish them to the seancorfield group for a while for continuity.

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