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hello, I'm trying to publish a new version of a library, but I'm getting: Could not transfer metadata com.wsscode:pathom/maven-metadata.xml from/to clojars (): Checksum validation failed, expected 9f19c38290c67b3962ccc4445f08e5a69bac0853 but is 78a718e8d7c4d32ed8141f710190f679386eb732


I did upload another version early and it worked fine, I'm doing it using lein with lein deploy clojars, does someone know how can I fix this? I tried some tutorials like trying to PUT to force update the SHA, but that didn't worked


👋 i've had same maven-metadata.xml checksum issue as reported here and as a workaround i can successfully deploy by setting :checksum :ignore in my :deploy-repositories project.clj config


what's the equivalent fix for maven?


@ambrosebs I don't know what the fix is for maven, but if you are seeing the issue, would you mind sharing the output?


@atdixon can you send an example of what that looks like? I see vectors and I'm not sure where to put the :checksum :ignore


is it just me or is down? getting a 503 on all my clojars packages ...


It's not down for me - can you give an example of a package that gives you a 503? Are you behind a proxy of some sort?


i wasn't behind a proxy, but don't worry, seems to be working now @U06SGCEHJ


Can disable it via an -D option or set it in your POM


@bjagg hello, I tried using the one at the top level, but it didn't work, and I'm not sure how to configure the clojars in other extended way, because currently all I have is :deploy-repositories [["releases" :clojars]], how do I turn this :clojars into a map to add the :checksum inside of it?


Here’s what I just used + the checksum bits:

:deploy-repositories [[ "clojars" {:url ""
                                     :creds :gpg :checksum :ignore}]
                        ["releases" :clojars]
                        ["snapshots" :clojars]]


@bjagg that works! thank you so much!

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