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any changes in content type returned by clojars recently? lein-ancient started failing on me with bunch of messages like: (warn) [clojars] - Δ 430ms - failure when checking cljs-http/cljs-http: java.lang.Exception: response content-type is not XML (#{"text/xml" "application/xml"}): application/octet-stream


Ah, I am working on moving the repo from cloudfiles to s3, and I switched to serving from s3 earlier today. It looks like that is breaking the content-types. I'll revert that change for now and work on getting that fixed.


Done, though it may take a while for the changes to take affect.

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btw. this fixed it for me, but would be nice to still get confirmation from your side that content-type changed…


Hey, I am trying to upload a jar to brand new group, 'libpython-clj' and I am getting an access denied error. I think this is because stevechan uploaded a libpython-clj jar with no group: I can always make up a new group name which is fine or is there a way to address this? I am the original author of and we need to expand to a multiple-jar ecosystem to support clj-new.


Right - in the maven ecosystem, the group is required, so clojure tooling and clojars treat foo as foo/foo. You will need to get in touch with stevechan and them add you as a member of the libpython-clj group.


Thanks, it was easier to create a new group entirely that I know I own.


Which is I think the most diplomatic pathway. There are a couple minefields for projects right when they get popular and public namespaces are (like slack and clojars) can be one of them. Thankfully in this case it wasn't a troll who was front-running to be rude.