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I work behind a corporate firewall, so is not accessible. We have a very well managed artifactory device internally, which gives access to Maven Central and JCenter but not clojars.


So, I have made a request to JCenter to mirror or proxy


It sounds positive so far. I wanted to check with the community about the answer to this question from JCenter "In most cases, we are defining a mirroring from JCenter to other remote repositories base on path prefix(es). Can you please provide a path prefix(es) that should be used as part of our automatically mirroring from JCenter toward Clojars repository?" Is the answer to this simply


Or is the path prefix just repo/


There’s docs on mirrors in the wiki


Although I’m not sure if that’s what they’re looking for, or if they’re expecting something like org/clojure so that all requests for that prefix go to the Clojars repo