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if I try to deploy to clojars but I put the password incorrectly, the lib is not available to my projects unless I re deploy correctly. This would be a vulnerability I think because I could “try” deploying libs to make them unavailable


@nes: a failure to deploy doesn't alter the clojars repo, so I don't understand your comment


@tcrawley it has happened to me (maybe im just confused) I will try to replicate it


if the lib doesn't make it to clojars, and isn't in ~/.m2/repository/ then it will be unavailable to your projects


@tcrawley of course, but thats not what I mean. I made this vid where I try to deploy to an existing project that is on clojars (`digitalize`). (with a wrong password on purpuse) then I do lein deps on another project that would otherwise work fine but now it cant find digitalize


@tcrawley or @danielcompton - I just updated issue #559. I pushed some changes to my fork/branch for review. It passes tests but runs into a problem when using the /error page to test ring exceptions. The call to the RavenErrorReporter -report-error function triggers a clojure exception as listed in #559 comments. Please take a look when you get a chance. I can’t figure out why that method cannot be found - the only clue I have is that the method name is not namespace qualified.


@nes: hmm, what does the project.clj for formaterr look like? What does ~/.m2/repository/digitalize/digitalize/0.1.0-SNAPSHOT/maven-metadata.xml look like? Can you also give the output of ls ~/.m2/repository/digitalize/digitalize/0.1.0-SNAPSHOT/?


I suspect what's happening is lein deploy may be writing to the local maven-metadata.xml for that snapshot, which lein deps in the other project sees causing it to try and find a timestamped version that doesn't exist locally or remote


looking at the clojars repo, I don't see any partial deploys there


Yep was just going to say the same thing