# clojars

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tcrawley 23:39:35


tcrawley 23:39:51

I wonder why that person never got in touch with us?

danielcompton 01:02:31

yeah, it’s a shame

tcrawley 16:16:57

@danielcompton: there are probably gaps in the 404s in the logs - I added log_not_found off; the the nginx config for /repo at some point, since we didn't have the disk space for large logs

tcrawley 16:17:15

I re-enabled it a few days ago

tcrawley 16:17:26

but not in the ansible config. fixing that

tcrawley 16:20:16

hmm. I meant to re-enable it, but didn't

tcrawley 16:21:51

ah, right. log_not_found just prevents an error log entry for missing files, it doesn't prevent logging 404s. ignore me, and carry on!