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hi all, I'm a beginner playing with Krell. I got the Github Reagent intro tutorial compiled with the demo app running in my iOS simulator. Has anyone here gotten nrepl working with Conjure inside of vim while working with Krell? I'm new to the clj/cljs repl workflow so forgive me if this is something basic, I'm just trying to connect to the Krell port 5001 from vim conjure via the .nrepl-port file. The log shows it connects then quickly disconnects. Even just trying to eval (+ 2 2) in the core.cljs file, I'm not seeing a result print to the log maybe today is the day I finally learn emacs 😂

Benjamin C19:04:05

doom emacs is just fantastic for those of us coming from vim. 🙂

Benjamin C19:04:29

And then there is, which is like a vim mode with lisp as a first-class citizen.


@U013TCGL92T cool! Just installed doom. Do you have a config file or packages list by chance that you could share via a Github Gist?

Benjamin C23:04:54

@U03CV72KUSV sure, just be forewarned, it's an unorganized mess at the moment.

Benjamin C23:04:03

my elisp is at a very naive level 😉

Benjamin C23:04:37

A good portion of my config.el is a modified version of Carlo's:


I'm a bit late to the game, but I have neovim working with Conjure and Krell. The various struggles, but also the eventual working version have been discussed on clojureverse: