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Hi. I would like to know how to control what is output to target/krell_assets.js. Here is my build.edn:

:main         com.yardwerkz.core
 :output-to    "target/main.js"
 :output-dir   "target"
 :foreign-libs [{:file        "src"
                 :module-type :es6}]
and here is my code:
(ns com.yardwerkz.core
    [reagent.core :as r]
    [reagent.react-native :as rn]
    [taoensso.timbre :as log]
    [com.yardwerkz.werker.core :as werker]
    [com.yardwerkz.authn :as authn]
    ["@react-navigation/native" :refer [NavigationContainer]]
    ["@react-navigation/native-stack" :refer [createNativeStackNavigator]]

(def stack (createNativeStackNavigator))

(defn root []
  (let [this (r/current-component)
        p (js->clj (r/props this) :keywordize-keys true)]
    (log/spy p)
    [rn/safe-area-view {:style {:flex 1 :align-items "center" :justify-content "space-evenly"}}
     [rn/image {:source (js/require "img/logo.png") :style {:width 400 :height 300} :resizeMode "center"}]
     [rn/text {:style {:font-size 32}} "On-Demand Lawn Care"]
     [rn/button {:onPress (fn [] (log/debug "Customer")) :title "I need werk done" :color "green"}]
     [rn/button {:onPress (fn [] (log/debug "WerKer")) :title "I want to do werk" :color "green"}]]))

(defn ^:export -main [& args]
  (r/as-element [authn/my-authenticator {} root]))
This code generates a spurious entry into krell_assets.js every time I restart the REPL. Is there a way to indicate where my img path is for images? Thanks in advance.