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I'm struggling with TextInput fields using clojurescript, Krell and react-native. I've tried two approaches: 1. set the value based on a ratom and update the ratom for a keystroke: [rn/text-input {:on-change-text #(swap! state assoc :goal %) :value (:goal @state}] . This works, except that when I type too quickly (which doesn't even have to be very quick) the screen flickers and text is inputted in somewhat reverse order. I guess the event succeed eachother too quickly for the update to complete before the next event is handled. There's something about this in the value docs (, but neither of the proposed solutions there seem to work for me (well, technically setting {:editable false} prevents the issue, but it also prevents me changing the text) 2. Trying to just let the value be, set a placeholder, and save the resulting text on submit: [rn/text-input {:placeholder "Please type your goals" :on-submit_editing #(swap! state assoc :goal (get-in % ["nativeEvent" "text"])}]. However, I can't seem to extract the text from the event. According to the docs of react native I'd expect them either to be in "nativeEvent" "text", or in :native-event :text, or something similar. However, no luck finding them. Trying to inspect it in my repl also has no success: My attempt to print all attributes of the object resulted in: {"__hash": null, "cljs$lang$protocol_mask$partition0$": 32374988, "cljs$lang$protocol_mask$partition1$": 1, "fn": [Function anonymous], "meta": null, "s": null} Any ideas of how to fix this? Googling did not help me with this and I've been struggling with this for a while. For now I'll probably go for option 1 and just not typ too quickly, but it would be great if someone knows better.


I managed to solve it. I needed to use aget, as in : (aget % "nativeEvent" "text"). Key to figuring it out was to fix my logging utility function, which is now: (defn logger [x] (do (doseq [k (js-keys x)] (do (js/console.log k) (js/console.log (aget x k)))) x))


Alternatively: (-> % .-nativeEvent .-text)

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@U0244NA9H27 You can use on-change-text as an event and you won’t need to extract the value. See here:


Ah, thanks!