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👋:skin-tone-2: all, quick question for those using Storybook: are you using or just Storybook “core” with react-native-web providing a bridge for component development? The current state of (last stable release, 5.3.25, quite far behind the core releases and v6 in a very long alpha with what looks like limited resource behind it) has me wondering if it’s better to avoid it so I’m interested to learn from your experiences 😄


@ah45 we're on RN 0.63.3 - storybook 5.3.23 on one project - it's behind yes - but for our purposes not really a problem - did you actually encounter any problems?


Nothing beyond the usual difficulties of wrangling Javascript package versions and trying to follow semi-bitrotted documentation 😅 Good to know it’s still proving to be a stable and viable tool despite the age, that assuages my concerns somewhat 👍:skin-tone-2:


some small things aside, been pretty happy w/ RN after the 0.6 changes - seems pretty stable


as far as Storybook v6.0 - perusing the docs about it - it doesn't seem particularly impactful for our use case anyway, the primary concern w/ be RN support bitrotting