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Danny Almeida12:10:24

Hi Everyone!! I'm a newbie to react-native and app development in general. I was trying a fulcro react native example and trying to run it. Unfortunately, it was built using expo version 35.0.0. I get an error when I try to load it in a simulator as expo app on it only supports later versions. So I did an expo update to update all the libraries. Now when I try to run the app in the android simulator, i get an error. I've attached the screenshot of the error. Can someone please help me to get this to work. The template I used was from this url -


I don’t have much Android-specific RN experience. That being said, the error seems pretty clear in its prescription. Have you tried that solution?

Danny Almeida06:11:59

It's from fulcro-native library. I've upgraded the library to the latest version, and now I get a different error. So trying to figure out what's going on. As I said, i'm new to react native scene, so still trying to piece together the structure and flow of everything. But thank you for your reply


"...and now I get a different error.' Sadly, @ULL659VU6, this is the world of programming almost anything today, but especially the web and especially RN or anything involving node/npm. One possible leg up: nothing against fulcro, but I have had the easiest start with, and got me to where I could create my own Not Ready for Prime Time hth

Danny Almeida05:11:46

@U0PUGPSFR Thank you.. yeah RN is quite a mess to deal with and add expo into that mix and it's a real spaghetti 🙂 I've decide to get rid of expo and start with a basic RN based workflow and understand it and then add fulcro to the mix as i go along. Thanks for your comments. Cheers