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Achim Munene11:08:46

does anyone have cljs+rn running with Storybook i keep getting a endlessly loading story panel


@achim_munene do you mean actually using Storybook from ClojureScript? It might be possible but I haven't tried it myself


We just write the components in JS, write Storybook in JS - and consume the components from ClojureScript

Achim Munene13:08:05

Yes actually using Storybook from Clojurescript, i got it to work using shadow cljs and reagent for normal web components issue came up when i tried to do the same for a RN app using shadow cljs and expo


Yeah can't offer any info since I never tried direct usage


So we are looking at using the magic of .cljc to share code between backend and front, but we have to handle things for both web and some RN wrapper, and they differ in re, say, talking to MQTT via Paho. I see these #? options: #?(:clj (Clojure expression) :cljs (ClojureScript expression) :cljr (Clojure CLR expression) :default (fallthrough expression)) Can we extend that ourselves? Thx! 🙏


Ugh. Meant to ask on the #clojurescript .


note that this is not an official feature and not supported by regular CLJS or CLJ


Ah, great, @U05224H0W. Very promising. Thx! 🙏