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Emi Gal21:08:20

does anyone know a React Native starter that uses Krell?


@emi there's no starter other than the Reagent tutorial - also note that Figwheel and shadow-cljs may have a better getting started experience - they both support React Native as well

Emi Gal22:08:30

Yup, had a shadow-cljs / expo project running, but I loved your video on Krell & Storybook JS so I want to give it a spin. Will try the Reagent tutorial!


the reason for Krell over the other options was something that just did one thing - and a direct control of the feature set - we've focused on the features that have the most impact for our work

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@emi I think the choice of Storybook and any REPL will get you there. Krell doesn’t do anything special wrt. Storybook

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Out of interest, what is your setup for requiring the jsx components? I tried moving my expo/shadow project to krell (just to see what its like really) but the (js/require "../src/js/foo.js") calls seem to get rewritten as "../src/src/js/foo.js" (solved by not having the js files under 'src'), and I'm not sure how to require js files without shadow other than making them npm modules


Components don’t live in the project so we don’t have this problem - they are provided via a module