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I need help integrating react native with my reagent / figwheel app. I am trying to build a mobile app, but the tutorial I started with was for web apps... Should I use krell, shadow-cljs, or what?


if you use cljs.main or figwheel.main then krell will probably look more familiar


I opened and then closed this, Because I put the dependency in my deps.edn, but then realized the part I need help with, is integrating with figwheel.


you don't integrate this with figwheel. krell is its own tool that handles REPL and hot-reload without figwheel. figwheel you can just keep as is for web stuff.


Also, figwheel-main supports React Native by itself (that’s what I’ve been using) You should be able to follow the guide above and get a working dev REPL. I haven’t tried it recently, but I have gone through it in the past and it worked. Ask here if any questions.