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Emi Gal21:05:23

I'm building a react native app using shadow-cljs, expo, re-frame, reagent. Struggling a little bit to make react-navigation work properly, and I was wondering if anyone can point me to best practices on how to implement it in the most idiomatic clojure way?


RN relative noob here having a ball with, except for one little thing: when I test hot loading by changing the background color to, say, cyan: * the Mac Simulator running an iPhone 12 shows a cyan background for a quarter second; * the background then flips back to the original (white?); * if I now change the source to green, the sim briefly shows green, then reverts to...cyan! Killing Expo and restarting then brings up the sim with a green background, unsurprisingly. Anyone have an idea why the hot reload does not "stick"? This is an M1 Mac on Big Sur, with Expo updated. ps. On a real Android phone (LG Stylo 6), the hot reload "sticks".


Running the web page sim also holds the hot reload (instead of flipping back to the prior version.) Gotta think this is an Expo issue, but if anyone has any thoughts on getting the sim to work much appreciated. 🙏


just a guess but sounds like you still have the react-native or expo hot reload enabled. need to turn that off, otherwise you'll have them compete with the hot-reload shadow-cljs does

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Perfect. Thx! I missed that bit in the doc.