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Is there a way to prevent loading of the whole bundle when making a small change in the app, during hot reloading? I’ve noticed that in pure rn projects usually making a small change results in a short refresh, however, when using cljs, the whole bundle is loaded evertime.


yeah disable hot reloading in the emulator i forgot exact steps but it's control + m menu will appear disable hot reloading now ur refresh will be mega fast and no bundle reload


@U45SLGVHV, I disabled “Fast refresh” by going to Device > Shake and then clicking “Disable Fast Refresh” in the emulator. But when I make changes in my code, they are not reflected in the app. What version of react native are you using? I’m using 0.63


i dont think it's related to RN version, i think i am using 61 Do u have shadow-cljs/figwheel running in separate terminal? If u do once u 'save' ur changes they should be reflected in the app


yes, the shadow-cljs files are definitely re-compiling upon save, but the “refreshing” never shows up in the app


that's super weird i don't have that behavior sorry i can't help u


Maybe, you don't have it configured properly @U01F1TM2FD5? is what I use in my project nowadays, It's pretty much Thomas Heller's example of shadow-cljs + rn.

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