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@yannvahalewyn I was just looking at the JS version of that. I have a crappy reimplementation of half of Tailwind in my project, so I have been looking around for options.


@joshmiller glad to show an option. Was it useful / would you do it differently?


Yes useful to have a good breakdown. I’m not sure what I’m going to do at this point since I have my own style utilities littered all over my project, but I’m definitely going to switch to TW one way or another.


I’m getting a tad confused with components/classes/elements today.

(defn root []
  [:> nav/NavigationContainer
    [:> Navigator
      [:> Screen {:name "Home" :component (r/reactify-component home-view/component)}]]]_

(defn start []
  (expo/render-root (r/as-element [:f> root])))
There’s a good mix of :>, :f>, reactify-component, as-element, etc.. I get the gist, but does anyone know of a good resource that explains the differences? I’m also looking for the documentation about those :> , I don’t know how these are called (reagent special keywords syntactic sugar thingies) making googling a bit tricky 🙃


beak operator in reagent i think it's in the wiki rest is explained there as well


Fwiw I almost never use :>, instead I have a react ns with a bunch of (def view (r/adapt-react-class rn/View)) so I can just [view [...]]


@U45SLGVHV thanks for the name! It’s not in the wiki and can’t find anything about beak operators though. @joshmiller I’m doing that too ofc 🙂


alright i misplaced the info 🙂 it's in re-natal