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Thanks! I will 🙂. Those eyes may come in handy indeed.


For those who like, here’s about using it in react native with clojurescript. It cut my (hardcoded and unabstracted) view code by 25% already 🙂

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Aleksander Rendtslev12:02:00

Awesome! I was literally in the process of figuring something out myself. I created a macro based approach but it didn't use the tailwind.config.js so I was looking into tailwind-rn


Great! Please post things if you figure out useful things 🙂

Aleksander Rendtslev14:02:35

@U5WAJK60M I saw your comment in the tailwind.cljs file about loading .json vs using a macro. Any further insights on this? If you’re up for it, I think we should throw this in a repo, so we can continue the conversation there and share with others in here. I’d want to solve this either way, but it would be nice to solve it together if you’re up for it (even if we just leave it as is right now for a while)


@U01DH13SK8E We could do that. I thinking about making a better package anyway 🙂. DM me?