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hi * looking at but not sure what setup I should go with. on linux, for android and the app will eventually need some native bluetooth components in java/kotlin, so thinking sans expo. yet, the app is pretty simple. what would you recommend? + if a good tutorial exists to help that is of course grand...

Chris Bidler14:10:47

@dotemacs That looks like a really solid start for doing a keel-up “TOS Enterprise -> Movie Enterprise” refit of my existing ExpoKit-encumbered architecture. Is there anything about the project that requires IDEA/Cursive, do yo happen to know? I would prefer to stay in my comfortable little emacs bubble hehe


I think that the author of that tutorial used his favourite editor. I don’t see anything there preventing your from using your editor of choice.

Oliver George23:10:22

I've been converting some hiccup views to JSX as part of trialling StorybookJS as a development aid. Few opinionated observations while they're fresh:

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Oliver George23:10:41

• JSX is clumsy by comparison. Hiccup has less ceremony. Structural editing makes a huge difference to the editing experience.

Oliver George23:10:44

• JSX is less expressive. If your views have conditional logic or loops then you'll notice a lot more friction. It's possible but messy by comparison to hiccup.

Oliver George23:10:48

• My hiccup code was less organised. Those other niggles make you want to organise your JSX more deliberately. Less inline styles. More breaking things up when it gets complex.

Oliver George23:10:49

• Hiccup needs to support react hooks asap. Common js libs design for it now. Components in RN land are complex enough to need them.