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I hadn't spotted that, but thank you for the recommendation anyway.


Senior ClojureScript React Native dev I’m looking for a Senior ClojureScript React Native developer. Preferably with ClojureScript experience, but will be interested in experienced React Native developer who wants to pick up ClojureScript. About the company: Fy! is the new way to shop for your home. We find the best designers and artists from around the world and use ML to help you discover products you love. Our platform is built with Clojure(Script) from the ground up and we embrace the functional approach at every level of the stack to solve the challenges of a fast-growing, data-driven marketplace. The app you’ll be working on is available here: It was started in 2016 and is kept up to date with the latest stable libraries. The stack consists of ClojureScript with React Native (the latest stable), re-frame built via shadow-cljs. The position is remote or on site in London/Berlin. Apply here:

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I know that there are channels such as job & remote-jobs, but I would like somebody who is lurking here. Thanks


@dotemacs Awesome! Always makes me smile to see teams using cljs+RN for real apps 😄

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We use that stack at too, and even the backend is entirely in cljs and uses pathom for the api