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@olivergeorge, thanks, that got me a bit further. Now I got an error about the file not being found, which also gave me some hint about where it looked for the file. However, fixing the path and making a new clean build brings me back to where no image is rendered and no error messages anywhere. Truly odd.


@thheller with shadow-cljs I get back something that I imagine is a file descriptor when I evaluate the js/require at the REPL: Same with Figwheel.


@pez that is only true if the require was part of the initially loaded code. if you require something "new" from the REPL then it will be missing.

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@pez you can debug the assets things pretty easily by looking at :output-dir/krell_assets.js


either the paths are right or they're wrong - that's the only reason they wouldn't show up


@dnolen that file looks fine afaict. Is there a Krell log file I can look at, similar to the figwheel server log?


@pez the paths in that file should be relative paths to where your images are


actually I guess those will be absolute? point is they have to be something that Metro can find


The path is relative to to the krell_assets.js file itself. I’m not allowed to use absolute paths in the js/require.


I’ll see if I can repro it in a public repo.


that would help a lot - I haven't heard of anyone else having problems with assets - what platform? Linux / OS X?


OS X. I’m thinking I am probably doing something wrong, but can’t see what myself. Public repro coming up later today. 😃


@dnolen Of course it works in the new project... Which is here, fwiw. The only difference from my other project is the project name, afaict. Some cache somewhere, like @olivergeorge suggested, maybe.