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Good to see this discussion and I encountered most of the things mentioned above, like the patching of figwheel-bridge, either in the issues or pull requests of re-natal . But I just switched to using shadow.cljs and that is just simpler to use. You don’t miss any of the “manual” steps you have to do with re-natal, when adding new libraries/components. When it comes to requiring libraries, you can just do the normal require dance you’d do on the Clojure side. For example, you don’t have to do the step as mentioned by @joshmiller above, you do install the library via npm/yarn and then you require it like this:

(ns something.something
  (:require ["react-native" :as rn :refer [Platform] :rename {Platform platform}]))


Having said that, I still do (js/require…) out of habit in places… I created an app for the re:Clojure conference that was held this week and this is how I done it. It’s mostly based off of the sample apps as created by Thomas Heller, the author of shadow.cljs. Somebody might find it useful:

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Has anyone tried to use with Clojure?