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that's nice a question from newbie. Should we upgrade our projects too?


Definitely make sure you have a known-good git commit to roll back to, then give it a shot. Re-natal itself is usually not the problem when I do upgrades, but React Native and some of the more complex dependencies I have underneath it. If you have a fairly vanilla project you should be ok, but as with any RN tooling/deps, no promises.


Ok, so speaking of upgrade troubles, I ran into the following one:


Some modules are apparently being loaded asynchronously by RN it seems like? I can’t find any documentation on this.


But I have a my-project.react namespace with things like (def linking (.-Linking ReactNative)) to import modules.


Some of them (like Text or Modal) are available right away. Others do not load, and are only available when I load them later. Has anyone else dealt with this?


Hm, looks like the issue is actually that my custom native modules are erroring, and it just silently didn’t load the rest of the namespace after that happened.