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@olivergeorge you might be interested in reanimated which allows more of the interactions between gestures and animations (e.g. a carousel that snaps into position) to take place on the UI thread,

Oliver George07:07:43

Actually I take that back. Was thinking of another one.

Oliver George07:07:22

Thanks @danieleneal I came across that one googling. Wasn't sure what benefits beyond convenience it unlocked.


haha two with the same name 😄


I think it's a performance thing really


I've not tried it but it's top of my list of animation related things to try. As far as I understand the main benefit is performance - with the built in Animated library there are certain animations/interactions that you can't do on the ui thread / useNativeDriver doesn't work. When info needs to go across the bridge animations can get jerky. Reanimated apparently builds up a set of composable lower level things that you can use to build more complex interactions and send the whole thing across and have it run on the native ui thread. Kind of like the idea behind Animated just taken to the next level

Oliver George08:07:34

Interesting thanks