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Man my iOS sim is slow. Is hardware faster? All I have is an Android phone and Android builds have not yet cooperated or I would Just Try It.


@hiskennyness Generally, the iOS simulator running on a computer is much faster than hardware


Thx. I should think so, having run my AskHN app on a phone and been impressed by the drop-off.


Next dumb question: how does one do print debugging of an re-natal app? I have js/alert working like a champ but I like to log dozens of informationals to sort things out so alerts would be sub-optimal.


@hiskennyness One option is to just use prn and see the values in your REPL


Really? I tried println, saw nothing. This is on ios sim, btw. I will try prn. Meanwhile it turns out I did not scroll down far enough to find react-native log-ios here:


Yeah, if you have a REPL connection, prn should definitely work. Hrm.


prn works! and now println works. Sometimes software puts up a fight and then we break its will and everything starts working. Thx for the help.