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i saw some one post a example a month ago


Why not use lein?


Ya, I'll just stick with lein for now. And mostly b/c my non react-native projects don't use lein


Lein has always felt like the most reliable choice for all of my CLJ, CLJS, and CLJSRN apps.


Except for that one time I tried boot...

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Have you happened to ever get an xmlhttprequest error when building your clj rn apps?


I'm guessing it's a library I'm using


So no optimizations runs fine during development, simple hangs (this is when I'm doing exp publish), and advanced throws an error (also for exp publish).

Oliver George02:06:56

@dehli I gave up trying to get cljs-ajax working.


Ya, it's really weird that it works in development though. I would assume it would be all or nothing

Oliver George02:06:49

But it didn't work for me.

Oliver George02:06:17

As soon as I can I'm taking that dep out of my life. It feels like every release breaks things.


Ya. I'm not using it directly but it's used in

Oliver George02:06:55

That lib is all of 50 lines of code in one file. Perhaps consider copy/paste and replace the cljs-ajax stuff with js/Fetch


Ya, I'll probably do that 🙂 or maybe submit a PR

Oliver George02:06:26

Here's mike fikes effort to make a little lib which seems likely to be sufficient:

Oliver George02:06:17

@pesterhazy pointed out that js/fetch should provide good coverage in the browser space too. IE is an exception. (I'm not sure what a good way to provide the necessary polyfill is to get full coverage.)


Ya, that's true.


Also looks like the false thing is working for me. Thanks for pointing it out!

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Hi! I'm trying to update re-natal to the last version 0.9.0 (I'm at 0.5.0). I typed npm upgrade -g re-natal and after re-natal upgrade. I had

upgraded .re-natal
upgraded files in env/dev and env/prod 
upgraded figwheel-bridge.js
To upgrade React Native version please follow the official guide in ..
but really nothing happened. If I type re-natal --version it is still 0.5.0


what I'm missing?


what I'd try: - type -a re-natal - any dupes? - check where npm installs its binaries - did you use yarn before? - try wiping the entire npm global directory and start from scratch


yeah! I don't know why re-natal binary was pointing at an old project..