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I'm trying to use lein new expo my-project -- +om but getting a error while figwheel tryies to load: node_modules/whatwg-fetch/fetch.js:441:29


21:07:28 [exp] Starting Metro Bundler on port 19001.
21:07:28 [exp] Metro Bundler ready.
21:07:29 [exp] Tunnel connected.
21:07:30 [exp] Expo is ready.
[[ QR CODE ]]
21:07:30 [exp] Your URL is: 
When I exp start --android, i see that messages. Is it right?


Whilst learning how to create an Expo app using cljs i've created a minimalist repo, but I can't work out how to refer to the react-native and expo js modules using :require in the ns form rather than having to use js/require. When I use the commented code in this file the compiler blows up. Is this supported somehow?