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Has anyone used with re-natal? I'm looking at how I might develop ios apps without switching to a mac (I'm on linux). Any examples would be super helpful.


Alternatively, has anyone use this workaround and have any comments on how well it works?


developing iOS apps on linux sounds like an uphill battle to me


I'd try to get it to work on Android, then port it over on a mac


Yeah, kinda seems like it. Macs are pretty expensive on a Brazilian salary though, they're like the the price of a car and I just bought a new computer while being ignorant of these difficulties 🙃


I couldn't agree more, it's annoying as hell


@madstap you can use expo-cljs-template - but not with re-natal, it's kind of a different process


the builds happen on expo's servers


your source only contains the js


Thanks, that's helpful

Oleh K.17:04:47

@madstap you can also use virtual machine for Mac OS, for example VMware. I started with VMware and ended up with Hackintosh


@okilimnik Do you have any links to explanations/tutorials on that setup?

Oleh K.17:04:57

@madstap I personally was following a russian guide, so I can only suggest to google it


Ok, yeah, I don't speak russian, but just knowing that it's an option helps. Seems like there are a couple of different options, all less than ideal in their own way. Makes me appreciate RMS...


@madstap Hackintosh may work fine if the hardware's right, but my experience with macOS on VMware was pretty terrible - it was slow and it crashed pretty much daily.


@madstap You might also want to look into getting an older mac mini off ebay - there used to be some dealers even selling refurbished ones with warranty and everything. I ran one for a year, got the job done just fine and seemed like the cheapest way to get a mac at the time.


You can upgrade memory and drive yourself if necessary (there's a guide on, I think)

madstap17:04:15 thanks for relating your experience, it seems that is a pretty normal complaint re. macOS on a virtual machine. Yeah buying a used one seems to be an option, this person develops on linux, and ssh's into a mac they bought.

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If you're anything like me in that I don't enjoy tinkering with my system/environment for its own sake and am pretty allergic to any issues surrounding it, I'd suggest you go straight for a Mac if there's any way you can afford an older/used one. Especially if you want to do iOS. Years ago I used to have all kinds of crazy setups with Linux and Windows and VMs and everything, but now just skimming this article gives me sort of a visceral "just get a Mac and stop screwing around FFS" reaction. 🙂 That's just me, though.


Yeah, I think you're right 🙂 I don't like tinkering with this kind of stuff, much less when I've got to get shit done. I think I'll try the build on a mac then develop on linux with a physical device way first, then buy a used mac if that doesn't work great. Thanks so much for your input, it's really helpful to get some opinions when coming from a place of total ignorance on these things.

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